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Hey, I'm Jacob Herper

I am a passionate Software Engineer, specialised in front-end development using React and TypeScript. As an advocate for web performance and accessibility and an evangelist for the Jamstack, I create amazing web applications to make the internet a better place.
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P.S. this website is open-source and available on Github.

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Some of my favourite tools

Services I provideas a software architect with a passion for creating applications and websites that people love.

Software Consultancy

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I find the right tech stack for your project, scale your team and work with you every step of the way.

I love working with startups and established businesses to find the right tech stack, be it a single new feature or a whole rebuild of your current product. I can help you find the perfect developers for your project and scale up as your business grows.

When it comes to application development, I've seen it all. From building highly customised enterprise software stacks on the latest open source frameworks to reducing costs and improving user experience with cloud-based solutions.

I offer consulting services for companies and agencies that strive to develop scalable and performant web solutions. Deeply knowing my customers' needs, I can help them make the right decision when it comes to deciding on a software architecture and tech stack.

Website & App Development

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I build web applications and websites that are well-designed, accessible, and performant.

I've been building websites and apps for over 15 years now, working with clients from startups to large enterprise businesses. I like to focus on accessibility, performance, and clean code.

As a web and mobile development consultant, I help my clients create the best possible digital products for their businesses. I don't just develop websites and apps, I make them beautiful, fast and accessible to people with disabilities. My goal is to work with you to help you reach your full potential.

Code Audit

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I make sure your code is accessible, scalable and performs well.

Code Auditing is the process of auditing software code for accessibility, scalability and performance. My expertise includes assisting in developing best practices for secure coding, finding bugs and defects in a system, recommending best practices for scalability and performance.

Nobody likes software projects to fail. But there are some common mistakes that developers make, that can cause software projects to underperform or even crash. And these issues aren't always the fault of a developer, but sometimes the code itself is just bad or outdated. I've been auditing the code of projects for compliance and performance for years and enjoy working with companies of all sizes to help them scale.

Accessibility Audit

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I audit your website or app for accessibility, identify problems, and help you fix them.

Looking for an experienced accessibility auditor? I'll help you identify issues, prioritise them for resolution, provide recommendations on how to fix them and keep your site compliant. See some examples of my work below.

I audit existing websites and apps for accessibility, which helps determine how they can be improved to meet WCAG best practices. My auditing process includes a detailed methodology and reporting. An accessibility audit is recommended before launching new products or major updates to existing websites and apps.

As an accessibility auditor, I audit existing websites and apps for accessibility. I shed light on why things are inaccessible, and help change that. What you'll gain is a better understanding of how users with disabilities interact with your product, what traits make for effective interfaces for people with disabilities and insight in how to design these interfaces going forward.


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I know how to help you sell more, with less effort.

E-commerce development is my trade. I have years of experience working across different industries in B2B and B2C e-commerce development. Whether you're looking to create an MVP or start a new project, I can help you achieve financial goals through performant microservice architecture and modern JavaScript frontends.

I can help you design, develop and deploy modern frontend applications built with a microservice architecture. With years of experience working across different industries in B2B and B2C e-commerce development, I can help you achieve financial goals through performant frontends built in React, Redux and GraphQL.