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Hi, I'm Jacob!

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for your interest in me for software engineering roles you are hiring for. ⁠I have created this page to save us both time and tell you exactly what I am looking for in my next position.

First things first

Salary Expectation: There are several factors that influence the salary expectation I have for a future role, but here‘s a good approximation (please don‘t make me cry):

Happiness Score:

Which roles are of interest to me?

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Lead Software Engineer

In my next role, I want to work with the following technologies:

✅ React or Svelte (SvelteKit)

✅ TypeScript (JavaScript)

✅ Next.js or Remix

✅ GraphQL and/or REST APIs

✅ Redux

✅ Styled Components (CSS-in-JS)

Technologies I do not want to work with:

❌ PHP (Laravel, WordPress, etc.)

❌ jQuery

❌ Angular

❌ .NET

❌ Java

❌ C#

What benefits am I looking for in my next role?

  • Fully remote only
  • Annual bonus and/or equity scheme
  • 28+ days annual leave (+ bank holidays)
  • Flexible working
  • Greenfield projects with leadership opportunities
  • Generous training and conference budget
  • Opportunities for international travel desired

Which companies are of interest for me?

  • Established startups (Series A funded or later) >50 employees
  • Medium-sized companies 100 - 500 employees
  • Large companies 500 - 5000 employees
  • Industries of particular interest: Retail and Wholesale, Product, Social Media

Currently, I am not looking for new opportunities. However, you can leave your contact details below and I will reach out to you when I am ready to take on a new position.